WERK / WORK 2017-2018

Fertile soil

De ingeslagen weg met Fertile soil vervolg ik in 2017 en 2018. Ook vermeng en onderzoek ik nieuwe ontdekkingen van het schilderen van planten en grond met  kleuren en 'luchtige technieken' in nieuwe beelden.


Fertile soil

Doet gives new energy to her old theme “landscape” and shows on a strong abstract way her new art collection “Fertile soil”.

She focusses on the invisible processes in nature, like the cycle of life, under the surface and fertility. Her admiration for nature can be seen in big movements and subtle color transitions. She entrains the viewer to the force of nature, the branches and roots. Vegetation plays in some artworks a literally role, because there are prints of leaves processed in the painting.


“Only poets and artists can show these invisible but essential processes in nature”.  Doet Boersma